How Can Multigrain Flour Help You Lose Your 5 Kgs In A Month?

Whole grain vs Multigrain is a common comparison, that most of us are looking for. Although it is very simple to understand. Whole grain flours three parts of the kernel (bran, endosperm and germ). As the name suggests multigrain consists of many types of grains.  These grains are not whole grains. 

Multigrain flour usually consists of seven or more whole grains. Including barley, oats, wheat, brown rice, and seeds, it is a healthy choice. These seeds include flaxseed, buckwheat, and quinoa.

Do you know what multigrain flour is?

When buying multigrain atta, the shop keeper will give you a bag of wholemeal flour, which is mixed with multigrain flour. We recommend you to make your own bag at home by getting these grains from the market, which will ensure a good ratio.  For your comfort, you can get the grain in the form of atta from the market and just mix the right proportions at home.  The good part is in preparing your own multigrain atta, different flours as per your preference and their availability can be added. 

  1. Nutritional Benefits – Multigrain flour has more nutritional content than whole wheat atta. Using protein-rich flour will support muscle mass, rich in iron and B1 are additional nutrients and also it will keep you stay full. 
  2. Improved Digestion, metabolism, and immunity – Rich in fibre, multigrain flour help to improve digestion and metabolism along with increased immunity for your general wellbeing. The higher iron content as compared to regular wheat flour, multigrain flour, promises more immunity. Healthy digestion will make a good impact on your skin health as well. 
  3. Supports diabetes and Heart illness – low in carbohydrates and glycaemic index, multigrain flour keeps the blood sugar levels in control. Then the cholesterol is also in control by using this flour, as it has very less saturated fat and contains omega 3 fatty acid, which helps accumulation of bad cholesterol.
  4. Weight Loss – Multigrain flour for weight loss a great choice for weight loss, without compromising on any deficiencies. Multigrain flour is a complete dietary add-on in your diet, which will not help you lose weight in the healthiest way. It has amino acids (which is a form of protein) as tryptophan, which keeps your stomach full for long hours.
  5. Other Beneficial qualities for health – one roti of multigrain flour will serve you the benefits of six whole grains. Then there are customized multigrain flours available in the market, where you can add up whole grains of your choice like soya, oats, maize, psyllium husk, and Channa. Even grain is rich in health benefits and a great taste, ensuring to keep you healthy and happy. 

What can you cook with multigrain flour?

Various multigrain recipes are available and solely depend on your choice as well as creativity, and how you make your meal attractive as well as healthy.  When you are using multigrain flour for weight loss, then consider low-calorie recipes always. Here are some multigrain flour recipe suggestions:

  1. Multigrain roti – learn to make multigrain roti or chapati. Good for losing weight or maintaining it. These roties keep us full for long hours and are extremely healthy choices. 
  2. Multigrain vegetable mix spicy roti – make a chapati, cook it from one side. Flip the cooked side and give it a topping of fried vegetables along some spices. You can layer up with another thin chapati, depending on your portion side. 
  3. Multigrain vegetable chicken mix roti – chapati with a topping of fried vegetable and chicken. This will turn a very delicious and healthy multigrain flour recipe.  
  4. Multigrain bread – Multigrain bread has barley, oats, wheat, corn, millet, buckwheat and flaxseeds. Its is rich in fibre and also includes many other healthy nutrients. These features make it ideal for healthy weight loss. 
  5. Multigrain flour paratha – another treat for the paratha lover. Yes, you can easily make paratha from multigrain flour just like the usual paratha you love. 
  6. Spinach paratha with multigrain flour – Multigrain paratha with spinach is a healthy as well as full of fibrous breakfast option.
  7. Multigrain tuna sandwich – multigrain bread with tuna and fresh salad on it is a delicious recipe. Without any sauce (which will make it not a healthy choice) is a delicious recipe. You can sprinkle olive oil, in little quantities.
  8. Multigrain pancakes – pancakes are best when it comes to quick breakfast options as well as daytime cravings. But the usual white bread pancakes are high in carbohydrates and no fibre, so they will make you gain weight. Hence, go for the multigrain flour pancakes recipe, and entertain your food craving with a healthy choice. 
multigrain flour

Is it okay to eat multigrain flour every day?

For a permanent or long time use of multigrain atta, there is mixed opinion. But one thing is agreed by every health expert that multigrain atta will not harm your body. Know that if you have an allergy to any of the multigrain components, otherwise this flour will never harm you. 

According to some nutritionists, multigrain atta is a super good dietary option, but you should also break the monotony. It does not have any negative side, but in their opinion diet should not become permanent. Rather keep tweaking in order to keep your systems smooth, be open to changes. It is recommended that after using multigrain atta for some time, you can try flours separately. And after some time, moving back to multipgrain flour can be done without any side effects. Rather this will be more beneficial for your digestive system. 

How much multigrain flour is necessary to lose 5 kg in a month?

Little but consistent changes in daily diet routine can safely help you lose up to 4.5 to 5 kg (10 pounds) in 1 month’s time just. Multigrain flour is a healthy and easy option which will not break your consistency in this journey. Count your calories in every meal and add some workouts to your routine. 

According to experts, the benefits of consuming multigrain flour are long-lasting. One of the major benefits is quick weight loss. There is no research on the quantity to consume for losing 5 kg in a month, it is just recommended when you start eating multigrain flour, stick to it for some time. Do not consume any other flour in your daily 3-time meals. Keep an eye on the portion size and make sure the chapati or roti size is small. 

When will you start seeing results?

Along with consuming multigrain atta, work out on a healthy lifestyle altogether. Watch out for the multigrain flour recipes you choose. Go for healthy choices always. Ensure a high-protein breakfast and more vegetable consumption every day. Fewer refined crabs and daily cardio is also of utmost importance. Go for healthy beverages. Watch out soda, juices, or energy drinks as they are with extra colories and sugar. Which will not only cause weight gain but also be unhealthy in long term. You need to increase water intake, which will keep you full, boost metabolism and help in weight loss.  

In a weight loss journey, it takes eight weeks approximately to get results. Even if you don’t see obvious results, internally with healthy choices there would be muscle gain. You will fit in your clothes better, improve posture, and have excellent sleep. Give it time, be consistent and you will see amazing results, which include not only weight loss rather more physical fitness. 

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